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Management International Conference 2019

Papers Proceedings

49 TestTest
Suzana Sedmak

50 Recycling common materials: Effectiveness, optimal decisions, and coordination mechanisms
Hailong Cui, Greys Sosic

51 Wage – labour productivity causality comparisons: Croatia and Slovenia
Sergej Gričar, Violeta Šugar, Štefan Bojnec

54 Geofusion: Cities, regions, nations in the Geoecnomy Age The Power of Geography
Norbert Csizmadia

55 Does union membership matter? Political participation, attachment to democracy and generational change
Tom Turner, Lorraine Ryan, Michelle O'Sullivan

56 Long-run Firm Responses to Minimum Wage and Employment Protection; Slovenia 2009-2015
Matija Vodopivec, Peter Orazem, Milan Vodopivec, Suzana Laporsek

57 The role of ownership and motivations in collaborative consumption
Mateja Kos Koklic, Saba Resnik, Monika Kukar-Kinney

58 Main Drivers of Management Accounting Concept Evolution in Russia: Global Ambitions vs Local Way
Pavel Lebedev

59 Succession of Leadership in a Family Business: The Perspective of Incumbent and Successor
Bojan Dolar, Roberto Biloslavo

60 Financial constraints and firm-level exports in Croatia
Valerija Botrić

62 Do quality or quantity of research work walk hand in hand with academic recognition?
Uroš Godnov, Tjaša Redek

63 Marketing strategy in metal industry: case study
Armand Faganel, Aleksander Janeš

64 Measuring Impacts of Science and Research: Development, Issues and Solutions
Dušan Lesjak

65 Dynamics of enterprises in the Slovenian textile industry
Barbara Jernejčič Dolinar, Štefan Bojnec

68 Governance of legislative requirements for the development of natural language processing tools
Inara Opmane, Juris Balodis, Rihards Balodis

70 Taxation Aspects of International E-Commerce
Ewelina Badura

71 Regional Economic Integration in North America and the European Union: Contrasting Lessons Learned
Joseph McKinney

72 Short-term rental as an example of sharing economy in the light of UE and Member States regulations
Aneta Kaźmierczyk

73 Split payment VAT collection mechanisms and their impact on the EU market of payment services and technologies
Konrad Stolarski

74 Anticipated expansions of life expectancy and their long-run growth effects
Anton Belyakov, Alexey Kurbatskiy, Klaus Prettner

76 Concept Mapping for the Energy Market
András Herczeg, Gyula Vastag

77 The Opportunities and Challenges of Universities in Context of Geostrategic Issues, Case of Latvia
Inga Jekabsone

Rune Ellemose Gulev

80 Trade embargo in Russia: evaluation of sanction imports substitution
Alexander Zaytsev, Valeria Gurieva

81 The Influence of Key Technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the World Automotive Industry
Varvara Mnatsakanova

82 Human capital as a predictor of β-convergence of economic systems
Kirill Kushnarev

83 Integrated planning of sales and delivery - the key to cost optimization
Dejan Brcanov, Nebojša Gvozdenović

84 Italo-Russian relations in current geostrategic settings
Mitja Stefancic, Silvio Goglio

86 The Impact of Human Resource Development on Organizational ‎Effectiveness: An Empirical Study ‎
Mohanad Ali Kareem

87 Industry versus location-driven competitiveness: a European analysis of high-tech industries
Alexandra Horobet, Oana Popovici, Lucian Belascu

88 How IT makes company a better company
Iacopo Cavallini, Giuseppina Iacoviello

89 The Maximizing Entrepreneur: The Impact of Decision-Making Styles on Entrepreneurial Orientation and Intent
Brandon Soltwisch, Daniel Brannon

90 Capacity and Competitiveness of Agriculture in the Partium Region, Romania.
Ferenc Szilagyi

92 Assessing the impact of public expenditure dynamics on economic and social development at the South East Region level in Romania
Cristina Dima, Razvan Catalin Dobrea

93 The state of health of local government management. Evidence from Oradea city, Bihor county.
Gyula Laszlo Florian

94 The growth of Slovenian farms
Štefan Bojnec, Imre Fertő

96 20 Years in Development of Effective Tax Rates in the Czech Republic (2000–2019)
Jaroslava Holeckova, Vojtech Menzl

97 The growth of Hungarian farm
Imre Ferto, Zoltan Bakucs, Arnold Csonka, Jozsef Fogarasi

Melita Rozman Cafuta, Boštjan Brumen

100 Modern theory of long waves
Igor Gladkikh

101 Tourism as a Driving Force of Economic Growth
Ekaterina Leonidova

102 Visegrad group countries as a big headache for the EU – Changing political positions of Visegrad group countries in the European Union
Aysel Musayeva, Nargiz Hajiyeva

103 Internet as a source of information and knowledge: reality and prospects.
Lyubov Babich

104 Theoretical and practical features of the regional index of economic development calculation
Nikita Burakov

105 Theoretical aspects of regional peculiarities of humanitarian sector financing
Olga Slavinskaya

106 Territorial correlation between innovation and some social/infrastructure indicators in Central and Eastern European Countries
Edith Debrenti, Ferenc Szilágyi

107 VBM systems and firm performance. The moderating effect of strategic ambidexterity and environmental turbolence
Giulio Corazza, Filippo Zanin, Eugenio Comuzzi

108 Meta-competence: you cannot do without it!
Christoph Bach, Rozália Sulíková

109 A new management tool to support responsible corporate governance
Nóra Dr. Rodek, Zoltán Dr. Birkner, Tivadar Máhr

110 Innovative DMO (destination management organization) as driving force of tourism
Tivadar Máhr, Zoltán Dr. Birkner, Nóra Dr. Rodek

111 Towards a redefined innovation ecosystem in Hungary
Zoltán Dr. Birkner, Tivadar Máhr, Nóra Dr. Rodek

112 CSR and management control integration: evidence from an employee welfare plan implementation
Antonio Costantini, Silvia Panfilo, Sonia Baggio

113 Potential Mussel Farming Development Stages in the Baltic Sea Region Based on Experts’ Survey
Zaiga Ozolina, Biruta Sloka

114 Competitiveness of Business Environment of the Western Balkan Countries
Zoran Najdanović, Marijana Žiravac Mladenović, Natalia Tutek

Sergej Gričar, Drago Papler, Štefan Bojnec

116 Consumer confusion research – bibliometric field analysis
Mila Zečević, Mateja Kos Koklič

117 The natural rate of interest for an emerging economy: the case of Uruguay
Elizabeth Bucacos

118 Digitalisation of Schools in Europe – New Challenges in the 21st Century
Timea Krisztina Ardelean

119 Linking perceived service quality, perceived customer value and customer loyalty in retail
Sandra Jelčić, Mirela Mabić

121 Partial index tracking with maximal diversification and sparsity for equity portfolio management: an application to a composite equity index
Massimiliano Kaucic, Giorgio Valentinuz

122 Chomsky on education
Igor Rižnar

124 Train engine drivers and psychosocial risk factors
Maja Meško, Danica Murko

125 Electronic or Internet Banking: Presence and Trends
Dušan Lesjak, Dušan Lesjak

Raminta Andrėja Ligeikienė, Aldona Vosyliūtė

128 Conceptual framework of the crowdfunding success factors – review of the existing academic literature
Gabor Csepy, Nikolett Kovacs, Erika Jáki

129 Can Public be as Good as Private? Funding Venture Capital in the Post Crises Era
Erika Jáki, Laszlo Kállay

Patrizia De Luca, Andrea Ampò, Pietro Orciuolo, Francesco Venier

131 The impact of the correlation coefficient on the delta-risk of the quotient option
Ewa Dziawgo

132 The Power to Choose or Power to Lose? Networked Individualism and the Usage of Social Media
Tadej Praprotnik

134 Russian management mechanisms for companies with state participation
Alexander Yakovlev

135 Venture capital’s value added contribution in technology development and commercialization of clean technology companies
Shah Rukh Shakeel, Oskar Juszczyk

136 Technology Management in Governmental Setting: Cases of E-government Service Adoption in Hungary
Marta Aranyossy

137 Urban Touristification and Gentrification in Spanish cities: Consequences in the rental housing sectors
Aitziber Etxezarreta-Etxarri, Julen Izagirre-Olaizola, Jon Morandeira-Arca, Imanol Mozo-Carollo

138 Venture Capital and Government involvement – qualitative systematic literature review and an agenda for future research
Erika Jáki, Endre Mihály Molnár

139 Pathways for women aspiring to principalship in primary schools of Kosovo
Linda Ukimeraj Harris, Anita Trnavčević

140 A bibliometric analysis of the intangible capital literature
Daria Maravić, Tjaša Redek

142 Customer value creation in the financial services industry – A systematic review of the academic literature
Gábor Csepy, Marta Aranyossy

143 Industry 4.0 as a challenge for policy-makers: The case of robotization in Slovenia
Tjaša Redek, Barbara Čater, Tomaž Čater, Matej Černe, Matjaž Koman

144 Official Development Assistance as an Economic Instrument of a Small Donor Countries: the Case of Croatia and Slovenia
Jana Arbeiter

145 Preliminary study of the understanding of the policy of the The great nations in the management of geostrategic issues

146 Worldwide Trends in Early Stage Venture Capital Investments
Endre Mihály Molnár

147 Difficulties in Measuring the Impact of ICT on Rural Development
Zoltan Zakota

148 Effective protection of intellectual property - legal and economic foundations
Karen Gladović

150 Slovenia in the Coalition S: Nuts and Bolts of the Transitioning Towards Open Science
Katarina Krapež

151 Slovenian SMEs’ Innovation for Space: Benefits and Challenges of the Cooperation in Space Missions through European Space Agency
Katarina Krapež

152 Early warning systems: a risk of increasing managerial myopia?
Michele Bertoni, Bruno De Rosa, Laura Peressin

153 The influence of audit and hospital council on financial statements’ results in Slovenian hospitals
Tatjana Horvat, Darko Čander

154 Multinationals and Coagglomeration of Exporters
Yohan Jeong

155 The Swedish pension system in the light of the Logical Sustainability Theory
Massimo Angrisani, Cinzia Di Palo

156 The Impact of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services. A Systemic Review
József Fogarasi, Enikő Vigh, Edit Veres

157 Impact of population ageing on the Italian pension expenditure
Cinzia Di Palo

158 Inclusion of Refugees in Italian Schools – Role of Intercultural Competencies of Teachers, and of Engagement of Volunteers
Aleš Trunk, Augusto Sebastio, Nada Trunk Širca

159 The Minimum Wage and Wage Inequality in Slovenia
Suzana Laporšek, Milan Vodopivec, Matija Vodopivec

160 Strategic options for managing sustainable business
Carmen Valentina Radulescu, Florina Bran

161 Tourism analysis - Central European, Eastern European and Middle East region
Corlise Liesl Le Roux, Darina Saxunova

163 The migration of health care workers from Balkan states to Slovenia – some policy and regulative concerns
Elizabeta Zirnstein

164 Effectiveness of International Virtual Project Teams
Małgorzata Marchewka, Reeta Raina

165 Flow at work, work satisfaction and big five personality traits among Slovenian primary school teachers
Maša Tavčar, Ana Arzenšek

166 Star vital project: Prolongation of work activity and well-being of older workers
Klemen Širok, Ana Arzenšek

167 Talent Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ema Mustajbasic, Mirela Kljajic-Dervic


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